The Brand is Strong, Never Gone: Saying Goodbye to ‘Desus & Mero’

Last night was the final episode of a show that has brought me a lot of joy, laughter and understanding over the past two years. Desus & Mero, on Viceland, the #1 show in late night, bucked all conventions of the late night format – a simple yet unique set, the hosts wore whatever they showed up in, guests were seated at a table with them for interviews, it only ran about 23 minutes, they were roasting Trump from the beginning without any fear, and others – on its way to becoming nightly required viewing for me. In this show, you were just watching two genuinely funny guys from the Bronx be great at being funny, and making you feel like you were just hanging out with them. There was just no other late night show like it.

They could talk about anything and find a unique spin on it, and a way to make you laugh about it regardless of the content. Their coverage of #HurtBae is must watch, and they had me dying over highlights of a 7-foot 12-year old dunking all over kids his age on an 8 foot rim. Those are just two segments in a show with no bad ones. Reaching the end really made me realize the impact these two have had on me since this show began. I learned more about the cultures of Jamaicans and Dominicans than any college course could have taught me. They were always talking about Bronx specific things, but they made those things feel universal. I felt as if I understood the Bronx just because of the way they talk about it. I’ve become a Knicks fan vicariously through them as they worship Kristaps “Alabaster Ewing” Porzingis. The Yankees are that much more fun to watch and follow because of the sage proclamation “27 Rings Bro”. Pio became one of my idols.  “Suck my dick from the back” has become my go-to insult and retort. It’s hard to say goodbye, but at least it went out in the most perfect and Desus & Mero way.

Show favorites like Vashtie, El Presidente Pio and Charlamagne were in attendance to christen the show’s final voyage. They took a look back at some popular moments and segments – including unseen footage of them doing an interview with different animals (it’s as great as it sounds) – and revisiting their famous debacle with DJ Envy. Pio finishes it out with a “fuck you DJ Envy” and it’s perfect because Pio is perfect. Then they bring out the big guns. Mike Francesa, NY sports talk legend, The POPE, was their final guest. It was must-see television. Over the course of the show, they’ve constantly referenced and made fun of him in a loving way, and I couldn’t imagine a more appropriate guest for their final interview. And then they went out in true Bronx fashion by having chopped cheese and champagne.

I should note, they recently signed a deal to have a show on Showtime, so now I need to get Showtime. The brand is not gone, it’s just growing stronger. I trust that they’ll be able to keep the same loose energy they had on Desus & Mero in this new venture. I also hope they keep letting CC Sabathia and Iman Shumpert just come hang out while they’re filming the show like they did here. One thing I’m always grateful that a late night show can do, is that no matter how bad and terrible of a day I’ve had, I can come home at night and end my day with laughter. And that’s what Desus & Mero did so well, I was in stitches at the end of every night. I just resent having to wait for the foreseeable future for them to fill my nights with hilarity again. May the brand remain brolic, and may they get Bartolo Colon to come on their new show.

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