Sundance 2021 – The Pink Cloud

We already know there’s about to be a gratuitous amount of pandemic/quarantine movies headed our way, but what sets writer/director Iuli Gerbase’s The Pink Cloud apart is that they made this in 2019. They had no clue what was around the corner and how viable their film’s setting was about to become. They had a jump on the genre, and while making a very nice looking and acted film, well, this shit is just boring.

The Pink Cloud finds a young couple who after a one night stand are quarantined together when pink clouds descend upon the world killing anybody outside. 

It’s an hour and 45 minutes but it sure feels like 3 hours at least. About halfway through you realise this isn’t really going anywhere. It starts off interesting enough with these two strangers being forced to live together, and the look of the pink shining through the windows creates some nice imagery. An unnerving score does some heavy lifting and there are fine performances all around. But it’s just so unfulfilled, so vapid in its meaning. It’s a well made film technically but the parts don’t add to much of a sum.

It’s full of interesting ideas that don’t really feel fully fleshed out and executed to their potential – power and control, virtual reality, when intimacy turns to apathy. These just feel like little glances that aren’t quite followed up on. It mostly feels like base-level analysis of these themes and ideas. You just don’t even care what happens by the end of the film, you just want it to end. 
Ultimately, The Pink Cloud is hurt by our reality of Covid-19. The fantastical about it can’t really shine through because the whole time you’re just going “yeah I’ve been there.” and the strangeness of the premise can’t quite take hold enough to impact you. This movie will pop up on Mubi one day and you’ll watch and just go “that wasn’t half bad I guess.” You can do worse I suppose. On to the next one.

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