Sundance 2021 – Eight for Silver

As soon as they showed Boyd Holbrook in terrible old-age makeup at the beginning, I knew this shit was heading south fast. There’s just no reason for a werewolf movie to be this damn boring. In late 19th century France, land baron Seamus Laurent (Alistair Petrie) slaughters a roma clan over a land dispute, unleashing an evil curse upon his family and tenants. A visiting pathologist (Boyd Holbrook) suspects it’s not just any wild animal killing people. And for two hours, you’re just waiting for this shit to end.

The film is just riddled with poor execution throughout. Director Sean Ellis should never go near anything remotely genre/horror again. He’s got nothing but cheap jump scares, that don’t work because there’s no meaning to them and they are rooted in poor CGI graphics. When you see the werewolf, you really wish you didn’t. It’s made from god awful CGI that looks straight out of those early 2000s shitty Syfy channel original movies. It’s almost impressive CGI can still look this awful at this day and age. A sight of a human coming out of a werewolf carcass like a fetus should be a sight that rocks so much fucking harder than it does here. 

It tries to root itself in candlelight but obviously drowns that out with electrical lighting, so the effect feels glaringly transparent. It’s set in 19th century France and there’s not a single french accent to be found. It’s so bad, it’s honestly kind of hilarious. All I can hope is that Boyd Holbrook and Kelly Reilly got paid for their time. I mean no disrespect to Shudder when I say this, but I wouldn’t even put this shit on Shudder. This film is so terrible and a waste of time I’m not gonna keep writing about it, it’s just not worth it. This is an absolute piece of shit. I get that there weren’t going to be as many films screened this year, but you really couldn’t do better than this one?

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