Review – The World’s End

The Cornetto Trilogy, by collaborators Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost has finally reached it’s end. And it’s a wonderfully riotous ending filled with laughter, insanity and plenty of heart as well.

The plot revolves around Gary King(Pegg), who is a recovering junkie striving for the glory days of when he was young and attempted to do a 12-stop pub crawl leading to the last pub “The World’s End” with his friends. He then decides to round up his old friends Andy(Frost), Peter(Marsan), Oliver(Freeman) and Steven(Considine) to reattempt the bar crawl. Everyone else has moved on from their youth and aren’t on the best terms with Gary, and as the night progresses, they discover that the town has been taken over by quasi-robots and the fate of the world rests in their hands.

The cast is filled with some of my favorite British actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and Martin Freeman. Each of them gives great performances filled with comedy and drama alike. Out of the Cornetto trilogy, you see probably the most amount of dramatic depth from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in this film.

Edgar Wright’s razor-sharp editing is on full display again in this film, and it’s a shame the Academy has ignored the gorgeous fluidity of his editing in the past. Hopefully that changes soon. The action in this film is shot extraordinarily well, with the fights coming out smoother and more thought-out than just about every action film I’ve seen this year.

Just because the Cornetto Trilogy has ended, I certainly hope it doesn’t mean that these 3 wonderful gentlemen will stop making films together. Each of their collaborations is filled with laughter and drama in all the right places, and made with such love. The World’s End had me laughing the whole way through, but it got emotional right when it needed to, giving it the punch to elevate it above most action comedies.

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